In 2008 Gillian Barber, an experienced and highly-skilled recruitment specialist, established her own recruitment agency in Cape Town, South Africa.

Gillian develops relationships in a very personal and unique way with every candidate who entrusts their credentials and job placement with her.  Gillian’s experience in this highly competitive environment ensures that career goals and personal aspirations are assessed professionally, determining the most suitable and rewarding opportunities for candidates.

Clients are given the highest level of personal attention to service their requirements.

A personal approach to job placement

Gillian believes there is something unique in every individual be it a skill, talent or special trait.  Her passion is to help candidates realise their full potential and to place them in positions that will enable them to flourish.

This careful attention to detail and concern for each candidate has cemented her reputation as a respected, go-to recruitment agent.  Candidates trust her to present only the most relevant and worthwhile career opportunities to them, and clients trust her to always put forward the highest calibre individuals for the job.

Gillian’s commitment to applicants

Gillian’s commitment to you is threefold:

  • Confidentiality
  • Interview coaching and preparation
  • Frequent feedback throughout the application process, ensuring that you remain in the loop from inception to completion